YSUP, the automated production and analysis dashboard from Yamaha Robotics

01/23/2024 at 9:09 

by Arnaud Pavlik

  •   Economy Manufacturers

The CMS section of Yamaha Robotics has launched its new intelligent manufacturing software YSUP, containing its latest advanced automatic troubleshooting function.

During the forums at the Munich Productronica trade fair in November 2023, Kamil Stasiak, product marketing manager for Yamaha’s CMS section, presented the new YSUP analysis dashboard which “ quickly ” identifies the causes of assembly defects . This new automated analysis function operates continuously during the assembly phase. It receives data from the line’s inspection systems, and generates precise instructions so that operators know the type of corrective measures to take. The system also displays the scope of improvements on the dashboard screen. The underlying platform is based on statistical techniques, and is scalable to add other analysis tools later.

The software identifies probable causes of logged exceptions through analysis methods such as flow evaluation or diagnosis of error codes, health data and image recognition. The software automatically analyzes shot errors and tells production teams the time, circumstances and exact location of each error, as well as corrective actions to take. The new dashboard seamlessly integrates with Yamaha’s YSUP intelligent manufacturing software which provides production support tools: planning, implementation, measurement and improvement of manufacturing on SMT production lines. Among these tools are applications for production scheduling, creation of manufacturing orders, programming of line equipment, component management, monitoring of production status, guarantee of traceability, prediction of results and verification of workflows.

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